What Art Is.

Art is a creative product. Whether the product be through mediums of visual art like painting and photography or through performance, like dancing. Art traditionally can be judged by aesthetics or talent; however, something need not be beautiful to be art. Since it is a product of  creative expression art can be as varied as the spectrum of human imagination.

Art can be a jumbled canvas of paint splotches like a piece by Pollock or masterpiece by a Renaissance sculptor.

It could be an arrangement of french fries on a diner plate.


Art can even be a plastic crucifix submergered in urine!

This is the case in Serrano’s photo “Piss Christ”, which as one can infer from the title, is a picture of a plastic crucifix in a jar of piss. At first site the photo looks like a picture of Jesus on the cross  with a golden hazy filter, but after hearing the work’s title a connection is made.

While the world seeks to draw a billion conclusions on the interpretation of this piece, whether a sacrilegious effort or a spiritual metaphor, that doesn’t distract from the point that this piece IS indeed art.

Just because a person takes offense from this piece does not make it any less of a creative expression. An offensive commercial is no less of a commercial than a non offensive one.  A flavor of ice cream that you like the taste of is no more “ice creamier” than a flavor you don’t enjoy.

I could continue to give more examples, but i think the point is made. Art is creativity including both offensive and non offensive expressions.


~ by Chase Hukins on April 6, 2010.

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