Digital Big Brother

Sadly, the world does not all share the same privileges when it comes to accessing digital information. I was trying to think of topics and controversies to write about, and I was getting no where. Then my mind started to think about all the topics that lay scribbled out on the paper in front of me. I started to think about history, the printing press, and how print media revolutionized the world.  I thought about the dark ages of print media like book burnings and banned book lists, and this led me to think about the heir to print media, which is digital media.  Do you think that historically, people will look back at Chinese internet censorship and regulations as part of the dark ages of digital media?  Do you think that all the regulations of politically charged information and screening of search engines will bode well in the future for this country?

Well, that is the point of this entry as introduction to internet censorship. This is my preliminary thoughts on the subject, raw and without extensive research. I think that by researching this I will gain a bit of global knowledge and share in another person’s burden. The whole thing seems strange and 1984ish, but I’m sure I don’t completely understand the issue yet. The plan for this second major project is to probe the world’s most populated nation’s policies for insight and arguments. The topic could be really extensive, and full of big government workings and human rights failures. The way in which I will address this controversy is still undecided. The best angle to tackle has not been revealed yet, but there is potential on many fronts. Digital media is beyond crucial to us. Think of how government tampering could hold major drawbacks for the people of China. Is there such thing as the freedom to know? Is there a  new mantra being cried out by the people of China: the right, to life liberty, and the pursuit of knowledge? We’ll find out after a bit of research.


~ by Chase Hukins on March 4, 2010.

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