Domestic Terrorism!

The above is a 2002 Peta ad aimed for children. The comic entitled Your Mommy Kills Animals encouraged children to ask mommy why she hurts animals for fur.

Before I write my opinion on this, here is some information on Peta’s record with children focused animal rights tactics:

  • This past Christmas, PETA camped outside holiday performances of The Nutcracker and other shows to force its graphically violent comic book (titled “Your mommy kills animals”) into the hands of unsuspecting children. Denver’s Rocky Mountain News classified PETA’s attempt “to manipulate adults by traumatizing their children” as “despicable.” Dr. Jeffrey Dolgan, chief of psychology at Children’s Hospital, warned in the Denver Post: “Some vulnerable kids will not do well with this. It is potentially very anxiety-arousing. Someone has made a mistake.”
  • Earlier this year, PETA announced its plan to distribute “Buckets of Blood” to children outside middle schools, high schools, and KFC restaurants. According to the Associated Press, these grotesque toys are filled with “fake blood and bones, a bloodied plastic chicken and a cardboard caricature of a blood-spattered Colonel Sanders holding a butcher knife toward a terrified-looking chicken.”
  • In January, PETA sent a costumed activist into primary schools in England and Ireland to frighten kids into adopting vegetarian diets. According to media accounts, PETA’s representative distributed “graphic leaflets detailing animal killings” to young children. The Sentinel newspaper (Staffordshire, England) reported: “PETA has been condemned by the government over the tactics it uses to convince youngsters to give up dairy products and meat.”
  • PETA continues to lie in wait outside schools, distributing misleading anti-dairy trading cards to children as they walk home. The cards depict children suffering debilitating illnesses and embarrassing conditions, supposedly as a result of drinking milk. PETA’s campaign is “based on sensationalism” and “a real tragedy,” according to registered dietitian Deanna Rose. “It targets teenagers who really are calcium deficient and need to drink their milk.”
  • As recently as last year, PETA’s payroll included a convicted Animal Liberation Front felon who served as the group’s full-time “humane education lecturer.” This activist, who has openly advocated murder and arson, extolled the virtues of meatless eating to groups of children as young as 12 years old.

In 2002, PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk told CNN: “Everything we do is based at adults.” Yet PETA bragged last year that it reached over 2.3 million kids and teachers with its animal-rights propaganda:


Peta’s new campaign manager told the Associated Press “We would never use shock tactics with children; it wouldn’t be right.”


Peta seems to  have already fallen off the deep end. Where do they get the audacity to pull such things? Seriously, the use of propaganda on children in such an overt and even possible traumatizing way has completely made me rethink of the way I see this company. They are ruthless. I thought they were just passionate about animal rights but this is a step too far. The FBI considers animal rights activists as #1 for domestic terrorism and it’s no wonder what with the way Peta carries on.

How does scaring children advance the cause of animal rights?

Peta ‘s shock value tactics seem to be desparate. I can’t imagine anything they wouldn’t say to get publicity. It seems like Peta has become somewhat of a spotlight whore, and will do ANYTHING for attention, like creating an ad on how your trusted mother hurts your furry friends.

Peta is just ridiculous.


~ by Chase Hukins on February 2, 2010.

One Response to “Domestic Terrorism!”

  1. 1.
    PETA should educate the public and get people to emotionally relate to their ethical cause. He has a logical argument that can be narrowed down and proven.

    All lines are relevant to topic. He did a little research coming with the CIA statement.

    Doesn’t use sources

    It does have a good flow to it. It is organized with a beginning, middle, and end.

    5. Briefly, tell the author what grammar errors you have noticed in the rough draft.
    Cia – CIA

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